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Asset Management
Over $2 billion managed. Expertise in every market. For every situation.
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Alternative Path to Home Ownership
Bringing second chances to those who can't quite qualify for a mortgage.
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Renewable Energy
Land Acquisition & Capital Structure Consulting for Utility Scale Solar
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About iCapital Advisors

Uniting Ideas With Capital And Delivering Results
We are a non-traditional real estate consulting firm with specialized services across many disciplines. Regardless of your field, we deliver because we know how to find what others cannot. We do not settle.
We enjoy leveraging our experiences to help identify unique solutions for clients. We have assisted clients in freeing assets of yield/profit draining encumbrances caused by debt, operational inefficiencies and technological shortcomings.

Institutional Services

Asset Management

Over $2 billion in assets managed nationwide with consistent top-ranked performance. Many provide cradle to grave asset management, but we do it with transparency and accountability to client inspired performance metrics.

Property Acquisitions

Facilitated countless transactions of single family residential homes for institutional buyers both on and off market by custom-sourcing and underwriting per client specific needs & wants.

Private Services

Off Market Property Acquisitions

Sourcing off market inventory to our local investor partners for purchase in a variety of investment models. Our ability to obtain off market property is unmatched in many markets.

Note Trading

Successful note acquisitions and trading via our direct relationships with servicers and note buyers. We have single note and bulk note opportunities in specific markets and nationwide.

Land/Lot Acquisitions

Not in the good 'ole boy network? We can be your ticket. Access to sellers new and old including those off market properties held by families for generations.

Build-to-Rent Slab-to-Roof

Slab-to-Roof new construction homes built in bulk by our builders as low as $45/sqft. All models and specs have been tested successfully in the Atlanta rental market.

Renewable Energy Acquisitions

Have a solar farm in the Southeast? We have partnered with the largest owner of land under renewable energy sources to purchase the land under your project leaving the existing lease in place. Our offers provide land owners with a lump sum upfront without collecting monthly payments or paying income tax on lease revenue. Allow us to help you 1031 exchange into another piece of land.

Bulk Transactions

Fully vetted quality assets. Our pools have been vetted (buyer’s and seller’s are who they say they are) and range from distressed REO to fully renovated turn-key rental packages. Bulk buyer’s and seller’s end up wasting too much time. We have fully qualified every party in negotiations on our deals.

Individual Services

Traditional Single Family Real Estate

iCapital is a licensed real estate brokerage with retail agents ready to help you sell your current home or find your residential dream.

Investment Property Acquisitions

We are the best of the best at deal sourcing. Try it once at no cost to you and you will never want a deal from anywhere else again.

Alternative Path to Home Ownership

Buying a home is a large investment, and sometimes finances is the hardest part. With the right criteria, get the home you want and not settle.

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